GOA Chapter 19: Xiaolian’s Brilliance

GOA Chapter 19: Xiaolian’s Brilliance

Han Bi personally witnessed the Tribal Warrior, who had helped him, end up in the grip of the Stealth Hound Demon. When the Tribal Warrior fell to the ground, he could not help but cry out, a complicated look etched on his face!

At this time, Chen Xiaolian had already put Soo Soo aside. Due to the fall earlier though, his head was bleeding and half his face was covered with blood.

“Han Bi!” Chen Xiaolian shouted out loud. “Are you all right?”

“I can still move,” Han Bi gritted his teeth and looked at Chen Xiaolian’s bloodied face, his own face looking somewhat dazed.

“Be careful!”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly rushed over, pressing Han Bi’s head down!

A damaged sword flew over his head. It turned out that the Demon Soldiers outside the enclosure had observed that they were unable to break through, thus they launched the weapons within their hands over towards them!

“I will give you my light sabre!” Chen Xiaolian held onto Han Bi and shoved the light sabre into his hand. He gritted his teeth and whispered. “If there is an opportunity, run! Remember to not head back!”

“…What? Forward still?”

Chen Xiaolian did not have any time to explain.

Because at this moment, he could hear Newton’s voice.

“I cannot hold on anymore, retreat! Retreat using the same path back!”

Newton continued. “Damon, make a path! I will guard the rear! The others stay in the middle; Sara and Du Ya take care of the skies! Let’s go!”

He had Damon take the responsibility of opening a path, while he took the most dangerous rear-guard position – from this, it could be observed that Newton was a qualified Team Leader.

However, his following words caused Chen Xiaolian to become worried.

“Toss those 2 NPCs to the back to attract the Demon Soldiers attention! We can gain at least a few seconds! Hurry!”

Chen Xiaolian did not have any time to think, he only blurted out. “No!”

“Idiot! What did you say?”

Pattern Man kicked Chen Xiaolian to the ground, the cold edges of his scimitar rested atop Chen Xiaolian’s neck. Pattern Man brutally lashed out. “Do not think that being a little bit smart allows you to disregard the rules!”

Newton stared at Chen Xiaolian, he too violently snapped. “Just what is wrong with you? Xiaolian! Back then, for the sake of saving a NPC, you end up crashing on your head! Now you cannot even turn them to bait!”

Within Newton’s gaze, sparks of suspicions could clearly be seen.

Chen Xiaolian did not bother explaining, he quickly shouted aloud. “I have a method to deal with these Demon Soldiers! We do not need baits! In addition, we cannot retreat! We can only go forward!”

“Ignore him, he is lying!”

Damon cleaved a Demon Soldier that had jumped in and slammed his foot down its head, pulverizing it to pieces. He glared at Chen Xiaolian. “There is a problem with this kid!”

Chen Xiaolian simply stared at Newton. “Trust me!”

Newton forcefully gritted his teeth. “Ten seconds! If you cannot spit it out, then I will kill you on the spot!”

“You must have explosive type items! Look at the locations of the surrounding pillars!” Chen Xiaolian only used those two sentences to convince Newton!

Others may not be able to understand instantly, but Newton could. Because Chen Xiaolian had already confirmed that Newton’s abilities, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that his fighting abilities are those that follow the path of technology. To be even more precise, it is of the military technology type.

At the very least, this man’s military accomplishment must certainly be superior when compared to the other team members.

The pillars within this great hall are everywhere. In addition, their locations appeared to be irregular, even messy. However, someone with exceptional military qualities would still be able to pinpoint the points of support and the points of failure.

In other words, by blowing up certain pillars, it would be possible to destroy the point of supports, leading to a collapse!

Due to the restriction on technology type skills and weapons, when faced against the attacks of the flood like number of Demon Soldiers, cold weapons had to be used. However, cold weapons are lacking in efficiency when ‘clearing mobs’.

Under such circumstances, the choice of creating explosions in the main hall to cause a collapse may bring about the biggest amount of damage to the Demon Soldiers.

Moreover, when the hall collapses, not only would it kill the Demon Soldiers, it could also effectively create obstacles and slow down the movements of the other Demon Soldiers.

As for why Chen Xiaolian had proposed to “move forward, we cannot retreat”, even if others were unable to understand, Newton had reacted instantly.

Considering the Wind Slasher Guild’s current location, if a straight line was to be drawn  between the entrance and exit position for the great hall, they would find that they have already crossed two thirds the length of this line.

That is to say, the distance between them and the exit was closer! If they were to retreat towards the entrance, the distance that they needed to travel was longer.

… In just an instant, he thought of a method to contain the Demon Soldiers. In addition, he also accurately determined the topography and locations. And this ability to make such a courageous plan to move onwards…

Such a state of mind, intellect and ability to respond…

Newton stared at Chen Xiaolian with a very complicated expression.

“Follow his plans!”

Newton made his decision, the other team members instantly turned to look at Chen Xiaolian with an expression of surprise.

“Several points needed to be blown up… I alone would not suffice,” Newton coldly looked at Chen Xiaolian.

“It is my suggestion, it is only natural that I will participate,” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath, his face solemn.

Newton then revealed a trace of surprise in his face. “It is very dangerous; there is a probability of death. We will not be able to protect you.”

Chen Xiaolian maintained the same expression and nodded.

“…” Newton gritted his teeth. “Sara! Du Ya! I need 30 seconds!”

Sara bit her lips. “Very well! I will trust you this once, Newton.”

Du Ya did not say anything and only grunted.

The two of them immediately reassumed their battle positions, Sara used her bow and arrows to clear the Demon Soldiers jumping towards them from the air while Du Ya’s guns begun to rang out once again.

Newton raised his head, quickly assessing the surrounding location of the pillars before making the calculations within his mind.

“Four points of explosion, no less,” Newton calculated at an extremely rapid rate. “I will take care of two points of explosion; two other people will be needed for the other two points of explosion.”

“I have said it before, I will do it,” Chen Xiaolian coldly replied.

“I will do it too,” Pattern Man cracked a grin as he sneered at Chen Xiaolian.

“Good! The rest will be responsible for providing cover. Damon! Xiaolian’s strength is the weakest, you will be responsible for protecting him as he sets up the explosives.”

Damon grunted in a somewhat annoyed manner.

“The others get ready, 20 seconds later my War Fortress will be removed.”

Newton spoke out; he quickly produced a long chain of metal ores.

“These are bombs. This place restricts technological type equipment, making it so I cannot utilize energy type bombs. These are old-fashioned chain series cluster bombs. Due to how the strength of technology have been weakened by at least half, the amount needed to be increased by one fold to achieve the desired effect.”

Newton quickly assigned the tasks. “The four points of explosions are…”

He clarified each of the positions and confirmed it with them. He quickly proceeded. “On each points of explosion, tie up two chains of bombs. I have already set up the activation procedures, once it is pressed, it will explode in 10 seconds… Therefore, you must run as soon as possible after you finish binding the chain of bombs. Everyone is to run towards the exit together! Sara, Du Ya, bring the two NPCs together! I will make one last confirmation, any questions?”

No one said anything.

“Good… The removal time for the War Fortress is down to five seconds… prepare to move! Five, four, three…”

Once Newton counted down to zero, the War Fortress that had been constantly protecting them suddenly turned into a beam of green light and disappeared.

“Charge together!”

Newton roared loudly, being the first to leap forward through the air. His stalwart figure flying through the air was like an incoming storm!

The ‘point of explosion’ that Chen Xiaolian was assigned to was located roughly ten metres to the left of the forward direction. He placed the two chains of bombs across his neck and ran forward with all his might. Both his hands were gripping onto the cross shaped holy sword. Just as he had emerged from the circle of shelter, a Demon Soldier had appeared before him. Without any hesitation, Chen Xiaolian slashed down with his sword! The Demon Soldier’s head was split open, green blood spurting onto Chen Xiaolian’s face.

The nauseating feeling of stickiness nearly caused him to puke out.

However, now was not the time to worry about that. Chen Xiaolian rushed forward madly, taking big strides each. His eyes were fixed upon his target objective, the pillar. At this moment, two Demon Soldiers charged forth and were right on Chen Xiaolian’s heels. Damon who was following Chen Xiaolian to provide cover lashed out. The gigantic sword slashed out repeatedly, causing two streaks of light to burst out and suddenly, the Demon Soldiers were split apart.

10 metres… 8 metres… 3 metres…

Chen Xiaolian threw himself onto the base of the pillar. He immediately removed the chain of bombs around his neck and had them placed upon the pillar. The chain of bombs possessed magnetic properties of sort and attached themselves onto the base of the pillar. Just as this process was completed, Chen Xiaolian suddenly heard a gust of wind behind him!

He subconsciously ducked his head, but felt a terrible pain searing both his shoulders!

Chen Xiaolian was directly thrown out! Turning back, he saw the Stealth Hound Demon moving towards him with wide-open mouth!


Chen Xiaolian subconsciously called out for Damon who was supposed to be covering him. However, when he raised his head, he found that Damon had already run away, some tens of metres lied between them! This guy had even turned around to sneer at him – he brought up his left thumb and performed a throat slitting action!

The bastard!

Son of a bitch!

Chen Xiaolian did not have enough time think, he rolled forward on the spot. The Hound Demon charged up right behind him, its long tongue rapidly rolling out towards him… Although part of its tongue had been cut off, the remainder was still considerably long.

The sticky tongue rolled itself onto Chen Xiaolian’s leg in a flash and a great force yanked him backwards. Chen Xiaolian shouted out loudly, and thrust the cross-shaped holy sword into the ground. Both his hands held on tightly onto the sword hilt as his body was suddenly pulled straight up to face the skies.

At this time, a sound rang out from the distance.

“Hold on!”

After which, a burst of intense gunfire followed. “Peng! Peng! Peng!”

Newton was rushing over. He had at an unknown time finished his own task, his entire body covered with green mucus and chunks. With one hand, he held onto a military sabre while his other held a gun. [1] As he was running towards Chen Xiaolian, he shot without stopping.

A few bullets struck the Stealth Hound Demon, but the bullets were unable to penetrate its tough skin. All it did was leave some green coloured wounds. It roared and immediately retreated, its figure quickly climbing up the pillar, hiding itself within the darkness.

“Hurry up and run!” Newton shouted, but Chen Xiaolian tumbled up and ran towards the pillar.

“Are you crazy?!”

“The detonation button had not been pressed!” Chen Xiaolian cursed out loudly.

After pressing down the detonation button, Chen Xiaolian turned around and was about to run. However, Newton had already rushed to his side. Tossing away the military sabre in his hand, he single-handedly grabbed Chen Xiaolian and placed him onto his shoulders before bolting off with big strides…

The two of them rushed out madly even as Demon Soldiers continuously charged towards them. In the distance, Sara had already turned around. This godlike archer released her mighty arrows in succession. Her arrows blasted the Demon Soldiers who were blocking the way; Newton himself was shooting madly until his gun ran out of bullets. He then fiercely smashed it towards a distant Demon Soldier.

“Time is up… hurry up and run!!”

Just as the words rang out…


A loud noise reverberated out from one of the pillar that acted as a point of explosion. Orange coloured flames and intense shock waves burst out, causing the pillar to suddenly break apart before crashing down! A considerable number of Demon Soldiers that were right below it screamed as the fallen pillar fragments fell heavily down upon them!

Subsequently, the second sound of explosion… the third…

Boom boom boom…

All four points of explosions had been set off!

The massive amount of flames, smoke, rumblings and the shockwaves resulting from the explosions had seemingly transformed into an unrestrained storm!

Even though Chen Xiaolian and Newton had ran off with an insane level of speed, they were unable to escape the incoming shockwaves. Chen Xiaolian felt himself and Newton being thrown into the air by the shockwave, they were directly thrown far off towards the front!

As Newton landed, he made a roll and immediately got up. Chen Xiaolian, on the other hand, only felt a “kacha” coming off his left foot! A heart piercing pain!

He could clearly see his own left ankle twisted up at an unbelievable angle!

Just as he was screaming out miserably, Newton remained faithful to his role as a Team Leader; he grabbed onto Chen Xiaolian’s hair and pulled it as he ran forward!

It was then that a thunderous sound of movement came from up above their heads, followed by the descent of countless dust from the ceiling. The entire hall was faintly trembling…

“It is going to collapse! If you do not want to get buried alive then run!” Newton roared.


Huge blocks of stones started falling down one after another from the ceiling!

The Demon Soldiers below appeared to be shocked, they then screamed and begun fleeing in all directions. However, more of those rocks began to fall down. Chen Xiaolian who was being dragged by Newton personally witnessed an entire ceiling fragment the size of a basketball court falling down! This incident caused at least a hundred Demon Soldiers to be crushed to death!

The collapse triggered a chain reaction, leading to more pillars cracking and breaking down, eventually causing an even bigger area to collapse!

The Wind Slasher Guild members ran with wanton abandon!

Newton himself was bolting madly!

As for Chen Xiaolian… he still had his hair grabbed by Newton as he ran, dragging him along the ground…

The collapsing area spread out behind them, becoming increasingly large as the distance between them started closing up. The rocks that had fallen down from the collapsing rubble appeared to be chasing after everyone’s asses…


A dust-filled gale enveloped them. Newton then pulled up Chen Xiaolian and the both of them charged forward together… Together, they charged through the gleaming exit at the end of the hall!


A large rock fell down, followed by even more of them. In just an instant, the exit was blocked!

Chen Xiaolian saw a Demon Soldier that had been chasing behind him finally making it towards the exit. Unfortunately for it, the rocks came smashing down on it… after the exit was blocked off, the demon’s claw could be seen extending outwards from the gaps in the rubble…


[1 In the Qidian raws, the military sabre is actually written as **. I assume it to be a military sabre because it was mentioned later on that Newton was holding one. No idea why it became **… Raw:‘他一手拿着把**,一手持枪’.]

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