OEM Chapter 032 Homesick

Chapter 032 Homesick

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This energy flow seemed delicate, but was in fact unyieldingly tough. Nonetheless, Jun Xie remained unsatisfied because this level of energy flow can only be considered the beginning stages. This energy flow could barely be used to do anything. It may have been useful in playing tricks and secretly affecting results while gambling, but what about a life and death battle against a sword user? This level of energy flow is simply insufficient!

Even if it is the divine silkworm’s silk whose single thread can support the weight of up to two hundred jin (120.9 kg), a highly commendable capacity, Jun Xie wanted more. He wanted a hundred or a thousand of those threads to come together and become his source of internal energy!

His desire to nurture the energy flow to become greater to the point of filling his meridians, caused Jun Xie to feel that he still has a long way to go.

However, there was one advantage in his current situation. And that was his ability to use sneak attacks which were truly mysterious and imperceptible! Jun Xie closed his eyes as he evaluated the possible uses of the energy flow in his body. Slowly, he entered a state of disconnection from self and others…

Li Residence.

Tang Wanli rushed aggressively towards the Li Residence backed by a huge group of men, however, he now felt as though he had instead run headfirst into a pile of cotton. The Li Residence’s Head, Li Youran received him with a warm, affectionate and hospitable manner, causing Grandfather Tang to feel a little uncomfortable, as he was not able to find any faults to argue about. Although he had determined to throw a fit, when faced against Li Youran’s cordial and calm smile, he found himself unable to do so. However, the act of keeping the pent up anger on a leash was very hard to bear. After drinking a cup of tea, he slammed it down heavily, resulting in the teacup breaking into pieces.

Li Youran continued smiling gently as he said. “Come, quickly prepare another cup of tea for the old Duke.” Then, his voice suddenly became heavy. “I was too careless earlier. Quick, go get the top grade Han Yan tea from my grandfather’s room. I remember my grandfather had once mentioned that Duke Tang’s favourite tea is the top grade Han Yan tea.”

After finished instructing the servants, he lowered his voice again, looking apologetically at Grandfather Tang Wanli. “Senior Duke, this junior instructed my men on your behalf earlier, I hope you do not mind. Also, if this junior made a mistake, then please point it out. I will immediately get the servants to change it for you.”

Grandfather Tang stared with a wide-open mouth, just like a dog that had bitten a hedgehog. He was unable to utter a single word. After staying speechless for a long time, he finally asked. “Get Li Feng, Li Zhen, those three little beasts out here now. This senior has something to ask of them.”

Li Youran revealed an obvious reluctant expression on his face. “To be able to receive pointers from the Senior Duke is certainly a blessing for those juniors. However, Senior Duke’s timing is a little off. Those three had committed a mistake and are currently undergoing disciplinary punishment. May I ask of the Duke to show kindness and wait momentarily for the three of them to finish up their punishment before coming to receive your pointers…” The Tang family members who heard this became startled.

The whole group of people headed into the Li Residence’s disciplinary hall. Seeing how Li Feng and the other two were beaten into a bloody mess, Grandfather Tang who was brimming in anger found his fury dissipating by half. He settled for only asking them a few questions. However, he heard from them that the source of this matter was the Meng Family, Meng Haizou had actually coveted Tang Yuan’s fiancée for a long time. As for Li Zhen and the other two, they were punished for their involvement in this matter. Hearing all this, Grandfather Tang’s fury towards the Li Family was mostly dissipated; however, his rage towards the Meng Family surged to new thunderous heights.

After quickly saying his goodbyes, Grandfather Tang immediately led his men back up the horses and sped their way towards the Meng Family.

Li Youran personally accompanied them out, his face showing a sorry expression as he kept apologizing for being a bad host. He earnestly bid them farewell as he watched Grandfather Tang lead his group of men away.

Straightening himself, Li Youran’s face fleetingly revealed a trace of elegant smile. In his eyes, a strange chill too appeared for the briefest of moment before disappearing. Lifting his robes, he entered the residence, his actions unhurried and relaxed, not showing any trace of anger…

The sky gradually became darker. Suddenly, a thunder broke out and the rain started falling. As the rain fell harder and harder, it seemed as though both Heaven and Earth had become one. Li Youran suddenly stopped walking. Raising his head, he observed the curtain of rain; he lightly laughed as he shook his head and whispered. “It seems that the Duke Tang will have to extend his stay at the Meng Famiy… hahaha…”

Little Ke sat on the window, her hands holding onto the incense pot as she stared outside at the heavy rain. Her eyes had already become moist.

After finishing up with his training, Jun Xie straightened himself and walked up behind Little Ke. He gently asked. “Little Ke, what are you thinking about?”

Little Ke screamed out in shock. Turning around, she was momentarily at a loss before she straightened herself and bowed. “Young Master.”

“What are you thinking?” Jun Xie went to the side and sat down on a chair. By force of habit, he raised his leg up. Observing the little Lolita before him, she was a tender little likeable girl. Jun Xie had always been unable to stop himself from teasing her. That was also why he felt concerned after seeing her filled with deep thoughts.

“I… I was thinking. In a few days’ time, the autumn festival will arrive…” Little Ke’s eyes seemed on the verge of tears. “I still remember, three years ago during the autumn festival, when I was nine, I went with my father and mother. Back then… I was so cheerful… so happy… father, mother…” Two big drops of tears rolled down, falling onto the ground. She was no longer able to continue her sentence.

“Then where is your father now?” Just as Jun Xie asked this question, he remembered that Little Ke’s father was a squad leader serving under the Jun Family. He had followed Jun Moxie’s big brother Jun Moyou out for an expedition, never to return; Little Ke’s mother eventually died of illness due to sadness and overwork. Before her death, she sent Little Ke to the Jun Residence, beseeching the Jun Family to take care of her daughter. As of now, Little Ke was an orphan with no father and mother!

Thinking back, that brat Jun Moxie had always treated Little Ke badly, cursing at her all the time, but she had instead endured quietly. Jun Xie could not help but feel pity for her. Sighing lightly, he reached out and stroked her head, but remained silent. Hearing the words Autumn Festival, he calculated the days and finally realized that the Mid-Autumn Festival will soon be upon them. Jun Xie’s heart suddenly felt sour.

It seemed that I would have to celebrate this traditional Chinese festival by myself in this world.

Little Ke felt Jun Xie lightly stroking her hair, his way of treatment was surprisingly soft. Even though he did not speak a word, she could feel Jun Xie’s pity and heartfelt apology. A burst of warmth suddenly enveloped her, as though a little sister that had left home had suddenly bumped into her big brother. Her heart was awashed with a soft, cordial feeling. She suddenly felt that this debauchee who had always cursed at her had at this moment, become the one closest person to her. This change in feeling was very unexpected and bizarre. She could not help but lean her small body closer to Jun Xie’s. Feeling the warmth from Jun Xie’s body, she felt as though the heavy rain outside had become something that she was no longer concerned about.

After a long time had passed, Jun Xie stroked Little Ke’s hair again and said. “Get a good rest. It is better if you go get some sleep. I am going out for a bit.”

“Young Master, It is raining heavily right now. Where are you going?” Little Ke felt confused and became concerned. “What if you fall sick from the rain? I will go prepare raining gear for you!”

“I will be fine,” Jun Xie smiled faintly, his face painted with an indifferent expression. He grabbed a bamboo rain hat and placed it on his head before opening the doors, heading out into the heavy rain with a straight stature… Little Ke’s face was filled with worry. She could sense that currently the Young Master was suffering from an unspeakable pain and anguish…

Sensing Jun Xie’s disturbed emotions, the Hongjun Pagoda within his sea of consciousness rose up and began exuding the white mist. The white mist then flowed through Jun Xie’s blood and flow of qi as it made a cycle through Jun Xie’s meridians, as though it was trying to uplift Jun Xie’s current state of melancholy.

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33 thoughts on “OEM Chapter 032 Homesick

    • well If you think carefully the most novel of reincarnate the MC only think in the adventure and about the family and the world leave behind almost nothing . For me that its rare I am adult but I love my famiy at put very depresive if I can care of them or talk again . About the word , if some times a person chance of country but missing so much to have to back ,if we compare about a person chance of world diferent


      • well, most of the MCs are people who are orphans or don’t really have family. i have read a few where they do miss their previous world and try to go back though!


      • It would be weird if it’s pronounced moxie. It’s pronounced Mu-wo Shi-eh. It’s just the word Mo(not) added in front of his original name Xie(evil).

        He was named Jun Xie in his previous life (Jun Evil) and now his name is Jun Mo Xie (Jun not evil). Kinda funny and it explains the beginning scene of him learning his name.


      • I’ve been asking around. Supposedly, if “mo” and “xie” gets joined together, it becomes “moye”.
        Though i’m not sure if that is what the author intended.


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