Gate of Apocalypse

Novel: Gate of Apocalypse (天启之门)

Author: Dancing (跳舞)

Novel Status: Ongoing

Raw: Qidian

Genre: Modern Fantasy




Life: In life, we attend school, find love, work, buy a house, pay our housing loans, insert weird faces in WeChat, watch movies… do any of you find anything amiss? One day, a group of strange people entered this world, equipped in strange clothing and possessing extraordinary powers, cold-blooded killers! They call themselves [Players].

Wait! Wait! You people want to kill me? You say I am NPC (Non Playable Character)? Stop joking around! You crazy bastards! I will fight you to the death! I will survive!

NPC beating up Players! Original residents beating up Transmigrants!

My world, my rules! What makes you think you bastards can come over and boss us around?

Threading the path of the strongest saviour in history, one destined to be filled with excitement!

Chen Xiaolian: From today onwards, an organization whose sole purpose is to oppose those bastards is established! Our guild shall be named… Player Thwarting Alliance! [1]

Guild Member: Leader, this name, if we are to say it out, I fear we will be beaten up…

[1 The name Player Thwarting is translated from “逗逼” which can be directly translated as “play constrain”. In the Internet, however, it is also used to describe someone who is a funny and interesting idiot. Thus, their team name could also be translated as Alliance of Funny and Interesting Idiots.]

Character Stats


GOA Chapter 1: Come Forward

GOA Chapter 2: Can You Speak

GOA Chapter 3: We Will Not Die

GOA Chapter 4: RUN

GOA Chapter 5: Loading

GOA Chapter 6: Activation? What Is This?

GOA Chapter 7: In Order To Survive

GOA Chapter 8: First Loot

GOA Chapter 9: Shitty Cat

GOA Chapter 10: The Sheep Amongst A Pack Of Wolves

GOA Chapter 11: Identity Crisis

GOA Chapter 12: My Fan Turned Against Me!

GOA Chapter 13: I Am NPC?

GOA Chapter 14: Internally Worried Externally Distressed

GOA Chapter 15: Rowing Without Paddles

GOA Chapter 16: Xiaolian’s Discovery

GOA Chapter 17: Underground Palace

GOA Chapter 18: Complete Extermination of Newbies

GOA Chapter 19: Xiaolian’s Brilliance

GOA Chapter 20: Do It…

GOA Chapter 21: Nest

GOA Chapter 22: Black Widow

GOA Chapter 23: Undress

GOA Chapter 24: You Can Kiss Me Back

GOA Chapter 25: Humane Brother Xiaolian

GOA Chapter 26: Must Survive

GOA Chapter 27: Wind Slasher Guild’s Crisis

GOA Chapter 28: Final Card

GOA Chapter 29: Not Over Yet!

GOA Chapter 30: Guardian

GOA Chapter 31: Quest Complete

GOA Chapter 32: Fantasy Or Reality?

GOA Chapter 33: Omnipresent

GOA Chapter 34: I Am…

GOA Chapter 35: Rebellion

GOA Chapter 36: You Are An Irregularity

GOA Chapter 37: Perverted Freak? Masochistic Freak?

GOA Chapter 38: Invest Capital

GOA Chapter 39: Train Crisis

GOA Chapter 40: Let Her Go!

GOA Chapter 41: Roddy’s Courage

GOA Chapter 42: The Wrong Person?

GOA Chapter 43: KO

GOA Chapter 44: Bloody Loli

GOA Chapter 45: Split Personality

GOA Chapter 46: I Am Xia Xiao Lei

GOA Chapter 47: Carry Me To The Lofty Skies

GOA Chapter 48: Humanoid Discount Card

GOA Chapter 49: Selection and Extermination

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