OEM Chapter 005 A Ray of Hope

Chapter 005: A Ray of Hope

Even though Jun Xie’s words were spoken in a soft voice, for Jun Wuyi those words were tantamount to a clap of thunder resounding throughout the skies!
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OEM Chapter 004 Second generation, Third generation

Chapter 004: Second generation, third generation

A wheelchair moved before Jun Xie’s eyes, seated on it was a thin middle-aged man in his thirties, above his legs were a layer of thick satin. His bright eyes were staring at him; his eyebrows were like swords, slanting upwards towards his temple. His body exuded a natural aura of coldness and killing intent! Deep within his falcon like eyes flashed a faint glint of contempt. Even though it was not much, it was still obvious!
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OEM Chapter 003 Jun Wuyi

Chapter 003 Jun Wuyi

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“That’s enough! Even though we’re one family, you deliberately chose to live in the most southern mansion, sigh… Come tomorrow, you’ll move back here!” He then stared deeply at Jun Xie, Jun Zhan Tian felt an aching pain budding within him. No matter how much of a debauched wretch he was, no matter how disappointing he was, he was still his grandson. Furthermore, he is the last successive bloodline of the Jun family…
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