Hey everybody, I am podao!

This website will focus mainly on translating chinese webnovels.

Current project: –

My aim is at least 2 or 3 regular chapters per week. Donations towards sponsored chapters are much appreciated.


And oh, I am a male.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the chapters i have translated. It belongs solely to the respective author.

Contact me at: daoseeker@hotmail.com


Otherworldly Evil Monarch has been dropped. It has since been picked up by Gaochao.

Martial World has been “dropped”. It has since been picked up by Hyorinmaru.


34 thoughts on “About

  1. Good luck with this project. Dont expect donations too much until you reach around 30 chapters or so, as people would need to make sure you wont drop this project on a whim or your totally serious about this. I hope you gain their trust. Once you do, donations would pour in.

    If you need help with site admin and maintenance, let me know so I can help.

    Again, thanks and keep it up.

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  2. Have you ever though of joining (preferably WW) or collaborate (like asking other translators to recommend this novel) with translation groups? The reason why I’m asking is because I feel this amazing novel doesn’t have that many readers compare to others like PMG, ISSTH, TDG, ATG, CSG, DD, ST etc. It is maybe because not many people know about this awesome novel, it really deserve to be known by all xianxia readers.


  3. Do you know any other novels like this? I love this type of novel how the protagonist is an assassin from another world, or if they are very strong from another world. Could be boy or girl.


  4. Greatings, I’m ChocoManga
    I’m looking for Japanese Translators for translating Guin Saga. The Novel series is 132 volumes and 22 Side Stories.
    Of the raws, I have 1 to 89 + 96 + 129-130 and 15 Gaiden. As well as Books 1-5 English Licensed.
    Many hands make light work, so please don’t be intimidated by it’s length. I plan to gather enough of a group to make it easier, otherwise, take things one at a time.
    You can consider this a joint project if you’d like, and I’d add your banner to my site.
    This is a one of a kind Novel Series (longest in the world), hasn’t been translated to English beyond book 5, it deserves to be shared.
    E-mail: guintrans@gmail.com
    Website: https://guintranslations.wordpress.com/
    Chat: http://guintranslations.chatango.com/
    Book 1 Licensed: https://mega.nz/#!FY5EzagI!xW6bulGTtMkOyxxcKhyE-SsQi7nUGSsm7Z4b3GrfRyc
    Book 1 Raw: https://mega.nz/#!VdxlHDaQ!8ZdSUmuSfA7uXvWDlggevWJQMFMAQYZ2B_D0M_GKa9o
    Translations will start at Book 6: https://mega.nz/#!ERAkzS4D!mZgYZqilKTeFL2n7bjFb1FfC2PrxjGNmXzti8EB9ur4
    Please E-mail me, or join me on the chat if you’re interested. Feel free to check out the site as well.
    I look forward to your reply (Approval or Denial)


  5. Hey, I’d like to ask you if it is fine by you for me to take this up. Since I could not find a contact on your site, I’m leaving this here.


  6. What are you going to do you now? Will you translating any Chinese novels, or simply stop translating? In any case I have a recommendation in case you want to continue. The title is Rakuin no Monshu, a japanese 12 volume series, all completed. The project page is here https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Rakuin_no_Monshou and Chinese raws are all available on the net.

    Thank you for continuing to translate OEM and good luck on whatever you do next


  7. Hey podao.
    Since both you and translationnations are dropping the novel, I’d like to ask if I could try and pick the novel up.
    Could you please email me at fighttoplay@gmail.com? If you are really dropping the novel and I am able to pick it up, I’d really appreciate any notes you have that would help with the translation.
    There would also be several other details to discuss – I’m determined to compensate you for the work you’ve already done.


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