GOA Chapter 16: Xiaolian’s Discovery

GOA Chapter 16: Xiaolian’s Discovery

They went deeper down the caves.

After walking for around a few hundred metres, a vast expanse suddenly appeared before them.

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GOA Chapter 15: Rowing Without Paddles

GOA Chapter 15: Rowing Without Paddles

In the afternoon, just as the sun was rising, Chen Xiaolian suddenly heard a burst of loud noise originating from the ground below his feet!

After that, the entirety of the ground started shaking with severity, as though an earthquake had occurred.

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GOA Chapter 12: My Fan Turned Against Me!

GOA Chapter 12: My Fan Turned Against Me!

“You don’t believe? My real name is Han Bi, ID number 3301XXXXXXX… Residence, Hangzhou City West Lake District… I study in the XX twelfth high school. My trip this time was done to represent my school in an international aircraft model competition. Your seating position in the First Class cabin is one beside the window. The reason I am able to remember you is because of the beautiful little loli that was sitting beside you. Am I right? As you can see, I can remember everything clearly. If I am one of them, I should not be able to remember those things.”

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