Everyone, I am sorry to say this, but I have decided that I will be stopping my work on Otherworldly Evil Monarch after this arc (Chapter 082).

For a while now, I have been hearing that OEM have a deep amount of racism towards a certain nation J. My first reaction was: Pfft! How bad could it be? Thus, I have been doing what I can to find those chapters. While I did find some chapters with racism early on, I only gave them a brief glance and noted down the chapter numbers. It was only a few days ago that I had the opportunity to sit down and slowly go through it. My Chinese is unfortunately, not strong enough for me to comprehensively understand them without the help of MTL.

I came to realize that it was impossible for me with my limited skills to translate those chapters without either causing discomfort to the readers or disrespecting the author. From what I can gather, the people of China are constantly reminded by their government of the brutality that China have suffered under nation J. In addition, the author is a former soldier himself. To top it off with the proverbial cherry, this novel was written in 2010 when relationship between the two states began to turn sour again.

The pain that China had suffered and the anger that persists until now could clearly be seen within the later parts of this novel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t only portray the pain that they have suffered but also the colossal amount of hatred that a number of Chinese still feel towards nation J.

And thus, I had to regretfully bring an end towards my translation work of OEM. Having translated OEM for nearly three months, I have found Jun Xie’s perspective on life very realistic and mature. To stop it now brings sadness to me. However, I think that it would be best that it ends here before we all grow too attached to OEM.

Again, I am sorry. I hope you can forgive me and continue supporting me in the future. I will try to finish going through the RAWs of a novel before working on it next time… > _<


PS: If anyone is interested, the racism starts at Book 4 Chapter 95 & 96. It then continues in the later part of Book 5 as far as I can tell.


OEM has since been picked up by someone else.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch