GOA is moving to Wuxiaworld!

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the late announcement. So, as some of you already noted, GOA will now be posted on Wuxiaworld. I am very thankful to Ren for this opportunity and I am very excited to be able to bring this novel over there. I hope that you will continue to enjoy reading it here.

Also, after some deliberation, I decided it is a good chance to change the name of GOA to Gate of Revelation. Without spoiling anything, the reason for this change is that the story seems to be focused more on our protagonist finding new revelations about their world.

Once again, I would like to thank the community for their support and hope that you will continue supporting the translation scene. Thank you!


GOA Chapter 49: Selection and Extermination

GOA Chapter 49: Selection and Extermination

Xia Xiaolei left Chen Xiaolian alone in the room. He went out to find Qiao Qiao standing in the yard outside.

Xia Xiaolei turned somewhat stiff. This simple-minded youngster seemingly has no clue on how to talk to someone of the opposing gender. He could only remain speechless.

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GOA Chapter 47: Carry Me To The Lofty Skies

GOA Chapter 47: Carry Me To The Lofty Skies

Seeing Chen Xiaolian’s stunned reaction of silence, Xia Xiaolei probably came to a misunderstanding and quickly said. “A few months ago, I accidentally entered the system and had to go through an instance dungeon.

But, I was too useless. The others all blame me for being too stupid and none of the Awakened teams were willing to accept me!

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GOA Chapter 45: Split Personality

GOA Chapter 45: Split Personality

Chen Xiaolian moved to hold onto Soo Soo with both hands, but Queen Qiao had already crawled over. She embraced Soo Soo into her bosom. Chen Xiaolian could observe that Queen Qiao’s face was not looking well, and her face was becoming increasingly dispirited.

After pondering upon it, he then produced two Mid Class Healing Type Beast Blood. He gave one to Queen Qiao. “Swallow it, it heals wounds.”

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