GOA Chapter 46: I Am Xia Xiao Lei

GOA Chapter 46: I Am Xia Xiao Lei

Chen Xiaolian’s heart was shocked!

This… what kind of child is this?

Just think about it for a moment… a roughly 7-year-old girl. She snapped her own thumb in order to free herself from the restraints and could even forcibly endure the pain. Next, she maintained a composed state of mind, choosing not to escape and instead continued to stay in her original position while waiting for the trafficker to return. She then took the opportunity to use her hairpin as a weapon to stab the trafficker in both his eyes…

This state of mind, this level of decisiveness, even a majority of adults may not be capable of such a feat!

“What happened in the kindergarten may be acceptable as a result of being shocked. However, there was no explanation for what happened to her after she was abducted by the trafficker in the amusement park,” Qiao Qiao’s voice fell. “We took her to a psychiatrist. For her sake, we went several times to the United States to find the best specialist in psychiatry. In the end, we discovered that… Soo Soo has a dual personality.

One of the personalities, her main personality that she was born with is the real Soo Soo. She is a naïve, simple-minded and a somewhat timid little girl.

Her other personality… is somewhat dark. An overly rational and dispassionate personality. That second personality has an inclination towards violence and is characterized by emotionless indifference. In addition, she possesses a very strong tendency to reject and attack others.

Ever since then, the situation became increasingly severe.

The frequency at which her second personality would appear began increasing. There were times where she would ‘transform’ after waking up even though she did not encounter anything terrifying.

Once her second personality surfaces, she would become unwilling to interact with the outside world. She would be unwilling to talk and refuse to have anyone approach her. She also became… somewhat cruel.

When her second personality emerges, she would reject the presence of others; neither the house nanny nor my father would be able to approach her. Thankfully, she is still able to recognize me as her big sister. I am the only one who can approach her when her second personality appears.

Thus, I became her inseparable protector.

This split personality symptom persisted for over a year. Because of that, we had searched for many specialists in psychiatry in order to have her treated. The conclusion that we obtained was that her parents’ death had given her a great psychological trauma.

Whenever humans are subjected to a great calamity, they would become fearful and weak. In order to protect themselves, they will give birth to a ruthless, aggressive and strong type of personality. This personality is what they will use to defend themselves.

That is the general explanation for her situation.

The specialists had no real method to treat this split personality symptom. Medication could only serve in complementing other efforts. What is most important is the rehabilitation of her mind. She must be given care in life so that she would be able to enjoy the better facets of life and the intimate warmth of family. At the same time, she would be able to slowly overcome and let go of the repressive shadow in her heart…

We have always strived hard to make that happen.

That is why I am very, very protective of Soo Soo and would normally do my best to not let her encounter any harm or agitation – Chen Xiaolian, I am very sorry. When we first met, I had acted rudely towards you because I thought that you were a pervert who was trying to get close to Soo Soo and bring her harm. I hope you can understand my protective mind-set towards my little sister.

No matter what, I am very sorry and very thankful to all that you have done for Soo Soo!”

“Err…” Chen Xiaolian kneaded his nose. “Then… Soo Soo’s current state…”

“Actually, her split personality problem had improved. At least… due to the effect of our warm treatment towards her, the frequency of second personality’s emergence has gradually decreased. Her character had also turned to be more cheerful, she was no longer so timid and fearful of her surroundings. We even encouraged her to have more contact with the outside world.

On the day that you met her on the plane, my father had brought her with him when he was travelling abroad. However, due to an unexpected business matter, he had to send her home.

Back then, father sent her up to the plane. As for me, I would be waiting for her at the airport – we had thought that nothing could possibly happen. Within the enclosed space of an airplane, no accidents should have happened.


Chen Xiaolian finally understood.

Why was it that Soo Soo could not recognize him after coming out of the instance dungeon.

Why was it that the GM would say that Soo Soo has a very interesting setting…

So that was what happened. The one who summoned out the blazing phoenix to help him defeat Newton back in the instance dungeon was Soo Soo’s second personality!

In addition… due to the naïve and timid nature of the main personality, she would faint whenever she encounters any dangerous or terrifying incidents. After that… all the memories regarding the terrifying incident would be handed over to her second personality.

As for the main personality, she would automatically forget everything regarding the terrifying incident.

This means that due to the high amount of shock and fear within the instance dungeon, Soo Soo’s main personality chucked all the memories of her in the island to her second personality. Within the main personality’s memories, she had safely travelled on the plane without any incident.

That was why…

The second personality, that bloody loli was able to recognize him and recall everything that had happened in the island… even the incident where she had killed off Newton!

As for the main personality, she had, in her mental self-defence, forgotten all that had happened in the island.

This puzzle had finally been solved!

Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao looked at each other, their expressions were somewhat strained.

“Today, Soo Soo… killed two people,” Qiao Qiao spoke with difficulty. “When she wakes up later, she will probably return to her main personality. She is after all only a 10-year-old child. In addition, she still does not know that she has a split personality problem. Her main personality does not know of the second personality’s existence. In previous instances, whenever she transforms, I will protect her with care and not let her find anything abnormal. That is why… in order to not let her illness deteriorate, I want to ask that you…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything,” Chen Xiaolian quickly nodded his head. “I understand. For a 10-year-old little girl… the matter of her killing two people is not something that we can allow her to find out – even though those two people deserved to die, such a horrible matter is not something that a 10-year-old should have to bear.”

“…Thank you, for everything. For the care and protection that you provided to her in the island and all that you have done so far,” Qiao Qiao said in a solemn manner. “If I could, I would do everything I can to repay you. However… my family have nothing except having more money than most… I believe that someone like you who have such miraculous abilities would not care about money. Thus…”

“Nope, who said I do not care about money?” Chen Xiaolian deliberately smiled. “I am a person who can be easily bought, just throw money at me! If you want to repay me, then you can just casually give me some tens of millions or hundreds of millions. See? I have already suffered from so many injuries. Just consider it as medical expenses.”

Qiao Qiao looked straight at Chen Xiaolian. “You… really are interesting. You had just fought without a care for your own life and even talked about righteousness. Yet now, you are acting like a secular opportunist.”

After that, she climbed up. Through the course of their conversation, the wounds on their bodies had already been healed. However, just as Qiao Qiao had wanted to climb up, her body suddenly turned soft. Her face changed. “Eh?”

Chen Xiaolian frowned. Seeing Qiao Qiao fall onto the ground, he reached out with his hand to support her. However, once he tried to move, he immediately noticed his body turning soft. “What is going on?”

He could feel that his entire body was still weak and numb, bereft of any strength! It was no different from before.

The wounds of his body… using the Healing Beast Blood, it had obviously been healed.

Could it be… the poison… was not cured?

Healing Beast Blood have no ability to treat poison?

Chen Xiaolian tried again a number of times… as expected!

Although the external wounds on his body had been healed, his strength remained weak. Despite having rested for a while, the amount of strength he has was only enough for him to move about slightly… in addition, each movement would quickly exhaust his strength!

Clearly, the poison capable of eroding away physical strength remained within his body. It was also apparent that this poison is not something that the Healing Type Beast Blood could cure.

En… the Beast Blood could only restore blood.

For the poison, an antidote of sort is probably needed?

“Bloody Hell…”

Panic rose in Chen Xiaolian’s heart. He observed the surrounding wilderness and crawled forward. He searched the area that had been scorched by the flames and found his Cross-shaped Medallion Sword – it had already returned into the shape of a pendant.

However, he no longer has the strength to let it transform into a sword anymore. He could only grip it in his hands.

“This is bad…” Chen Xiaolian glanced at Qiao Qiao. “We are still in a poisoned state. I do not know how much longer this poison will persist… or will it cause more harm to our body.”

“You… don’t you have anything like an antidote? Just like the item you gave me earlier, or the syringe that gave me incredible strength?”

Chen Xiaolian remained silent as he smiled resentfully. “I really do not have…”

Damn it… if only he has an Exchange System! Perhaps he would be able to use points to exchange out the antidote.

Damned emasculated version of the Player System!

At that moment when they were both unable to do anything…

Chen Xiaolian suddenly caught sight of something on his radar interface.

A green dot was slowly moving towards them.

“En? Someone is coming! Player… or Awakened?

Chen Xiaolian became nervous and clenched the pendant shaped sword. Even though he knew he could not summon out the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword, it could at least serve to comfort him.

The green dot came closer and its approaching speed gradually decreased. It appeared that the other party was showing some doubts?

“Who is it? Reveal yourself!”

Chen Xiaolian deliberately shouted out loudly.

From the northwest of the woods, a figure carefully emerged from the trees.

It was someone who appeared to be at most a 16-years-old teenage male… he was wearing dirty clothes. His face was covered with dust, which almost impedes the view of his face. As for his hair, it was neither long nor short and was unkempt. His eyes were dark with water like shine, seemingly somewhat clever. He walked out slowly with care and some feelings of fear and nervousness.

“Who are you?” Chen Xiaolian deliberately shouted out with a heavy voice. “Awakened? Or Player?”

After shouting, he purposely lifted up his hand to flash out the existence of the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword in his palm.

“Don’t… don’t attack,” The other person spoke out. His voice was a little hoarse and his pair of eyes stared at the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword in Chen Xiaolian’s hand. “Do not attack! I do not have any malicious intent! I am also an Awakened, an Awakened!”

“Awakened?” Chen Xiaolian looked at the boy who was at most 16-years-old. “You?”

“It is true!” The boy smiled shyly as he felt around his pockets and produced a short metal cylinder. “See, see this.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled.

Surprisingly, that was a light sabre given to newbies.

Back then, he had been very excited to have obtained the light sabre. It was only later on that he discovered that this newbie weapon’s damage was too lacking.

“Newbie?” Chen Xiaolian curiously regarded this fellow.

“Eh… no,” This childlike teenage boy scratched his head and said in a rather embarrassed manner. “I have been through an instance dungeon before.”

“Then why did you come here?” Chen Xiaolian asked coldly. “You… are you together with the longhaired fellow?”

“No no no! I do not know any longhaired or shorthaired fellow,” The childlike boy quickly denied – from his expression, it seemed that he was afraid of Chen Xiaolian. “I… I happen to live near the mountains. When I was going out today, I sensed that there were Awakened ones fighting here. That, that is why I came over here, to look…”

Then, his eyes revealed a look of admiration and worship. “Th… that… I… I am called Xia Xiao Lei. I really do live nearby. My family is involved in herb picking. You… you… you must be the master who had used the S Class skill earlier, right?”

This time, it was Chen Xiaolian’s turn to become shocked.


Live near the mountains?

Wait, wait…

What did he mean by S Class skill?

Chen Xiaolian’s mind suddenly clicked and he subconsciously turned to look at Soo Soo who was lying in Qiao Qiao’s bosom.

That blazing phoenix… skill…

S Class?!


[Xia Xiao Lei, Raw: ‘夏小雷’, pinyin: ‘xià xiǎo léi’. ‘夏’ means summer, ‘小’ means small, ‘雷’ means thunder.]

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