GOA Chapter 47: Carry Me To The Lofty Skies

GOA Chapter 47: Carry Me To The Lofty Skies

Seeing Chen Xiaolian’s stunned reaction of silence, Xia Xiaolei probably came to a misunderstanding and quickly said. “A few months ago, I accidentally entered the system and had to go through an instance dungeon.

But, I was too useless. The others all blame me for being too stupid and none of the Awakened teams were willing to accept me!

Big brother! You possess an S Class skill, you are the most powerful Awakened that I have ever met! I… I beg you… I beg you, please accept me! Allow me to join your team, please? I beg you! I can do anything, I can stomach any bitterness!”

“What did you just say? Accept you?” Chen Xiaolian swallowed his saliva.

“Yes!” Xia Xiaolei’s face was one of distress. “I am not a picky person, I can do anything! Just accept me please! No one was willing to accept me into their team…”

While speaking, Xia Xiaolei’s face seemed to be on the verge of crying. He stared intently at Chen Xiaolian. “If this goes on, I will be alone without anyone to care for me in the next instance dungeon, I… I fear that I will die.”

“You mean… you want to be my little brother?” Chen Xiaolian gaped.

“That is right! I am willing!” Xia Xiaolei quickly took a few steps forward and bowed continuously towards Chen Xiaolian. “Great God! As someone who possesses an S Class skill, you are practically a Great God amongst Great Gods! Great God! Please accept me!”

Chen Xiaolian felt himself being mentally blown.

I… What kind of luck is this?

While casually going through the wilderness, I am able to bump into an unaffiliated Awakened?

In addition, he is a worshipful little rookie?

This… if this is a novel, that that would be the equivalent of having the main character’s amazing aura!

“That… Xia Xiaolei, right? You want to join my team and be my underling, right? Er… do you have any other request?”

“None! None in general! I can work! I can do both dirty and tiresome work! I only ask that you carry me with you to the lofty skies!”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes rolled up.

Carry you to the lofty skies?

Sky your sister!


Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath before realizing another problem.

Presently, both he and Qiao Qiao have been poisoned. If they were to encounter any danger, not only would they be unable to resist, they would not even have the ability to protect themselves.

This Xia Xiaolei has the appearance of someone who could not harm any human or even animals.

However… after having gone through an instance dungeon, in addition to his meeting with the longhaired man and the trench coat wearing middle-aged man, Chen Xiaolian came to realize a cruel truth: Players may not necessarily be the scariest and Awakened ones may not necessarily be the virtuous Justice League!

Knowing one’s appearance does not equate to knowing one’s heart!

The reason Xia Xiaolei was being so respectful towards him was because of… en, the S Class skill.

However, if Xia Xiaolei were to realize that Chen Xiaolian does not have any S Class skill and that he was currently in a weakened state due to poison, who knows just what kind of malicious intent Xia Xiaolei might have?

Reality aside, even in online games, the act of killing between strangers in order to acquire loot is a common thing.

An example would be the two wicked Awakened ones that he had just met. As such, Chen Xiaolian could not take things for granted.

Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao’s gaze met. They both nodded their heads in silence as they came to an understanding.

“Whether I accept you or not will have to be discussed later. First, I must test you.”

“Very well! Great God, please test me! Oh, right… how should I address you?”

“I am called Xiao…” Chen Xiaolian suddenly had a thought and he did not reveal his true name. He said. “My friends all call me Little Wu.”

“Very well, then should I address you as Brother Wu, or Boss Wu, or Great God?”

“… just call me Brother Wu,” Chen Xiaolian forced a smile. “The number of people who calls me Boss Wu or Great God is high enough.” He then added inwardly: Most of them have nothing good to say to me anyways. They are usually cursing me for not updating my chapters or saying that I have a small penis…

Having said that, Chen Xiaolian pointed towards Han Bi who was lying on the ground not far away. “That is my team member. He had fainted, go help bring him over.”

“All right!”

Xia Xiaolei was overjoyed and he went over to carry Han Bi over. Checking carefully, he said. “Brother Wu, this team member of yours seemed to have been drugged.”

Chen Xiaolian thought about it: Since Han Bi had yet to awaken; perhaps what this Xia Xiaolei said was true. After all, that trench coat wearing middle-aged man specializes in poison.

“Do you have points? Use your points to exchange out antidotes from the Exchange System for me,” Chen Xiaolian said lightly.

“Err…” Xia Xiaolei’s face seemed on the verge of tears. “There are antidotes in the Exchange System, but… it is not that I am stingy, Brother Wu. But the problem is that, I do not have any points.”

“No points?” Chen Xiaolian frowned. “Didn’t you participate in an instance dungeon before?”

Xia Xiaolei’s expression turned strange. “I am not lying to you; I really do not have any points.”

Seemingly fearful of the possibility that Chen Xiaolian will not trust him, Xia Xiaolei quickly added. “Back when I had entered the instance dungeon, I was confused. I remembered going to an old town to sell herbs. I inexplicably encountered a strange incident where many people were killing one another. I do not know how it happened, but things began to show up before my eyes. It was like those things that I had normally seen in Internet cafes when playing online games.

I, I was truly terrified. Those people were killing one another, some claiming to be Players and some claiming to be Awakened ones. They all have their own Guilds.

Later on, I learnt that someone like me should be one of those called Awakened ones.

I had wanted to join them, but… I had entered a team of Awakened ones only to be kicked out on the second day. Additionally, none of the other teams of Awakened ones were willing to accept me.”

“Why?” Chen Xiaolian became curious. “Why was no one willing to accept you?”

Xia Xiaolei fidgeted a little. “That… the first reason is because I am a timid person, I dare not fight. The second reason… is because… I…”

As he spoke, he seemingly made up his mind. He gritted his teeth and continued. “I have blood phobia. I will faint if I see blood. In battles, I am of no help at all, that is why…”

“That explains it,” Chen Xiaolian sighed.

A fellow who will pass out if he sees blood is simply unsuited to the cruelty of the instance dungeon that was filled with hidden dangers everywhere – he would simply become a burden.

“Then, how did you survive?”

“I…” Xia Xiaolei became embarrassed. “The other Awakened ones were unwilling to accept me while the Players would kill any Awakened ones that they meet. In addition… there were many terrifying monsters in that instance dungeon. Seeing no other alternative, I simply found a place where I hid and did nothing. After hiding for a while, I fell asleep. When I woke up, the instance dungeon had finished… I do not know what the end result was, who won, who lost. In any case… in any case… I saw the system prompt stating that the instance dungeon was over.”

Chen Xiaolian became dumbfounded.

That worked?

Holy mother of shit!

In the 72 Demons Instance Dungeon, this brother could be said to have lost 8 out of 9 lives! If one were to measure how much blood I lost, it would be in CCs argh!

This kid, he actually found a place to hide and do nothing then slept through it all and survived the instance dungeon without even knowing anything?

His luck is simply a defiance of the Heavens!

However, the thing that would cause Chen Xiaolian to collapse was that Xia Xiaolei was not finished…

“The system also prompted me and stated that the instance dungeon is a survival type instance. The Players and Awakened ones killed each other and also fought against the monsters within the instance dungeon. In short… it seemed that none of them managed to survive until the required amount of time. I was the only one with the longest amount of survival duration. So, the system reward…”

“The system reward was given to you?!”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyeballs nearly fell off his sockets.

His stare was fixed upon this fellow with Heaven defying luck…

“That…” Chen Xiaolian suddenly found his confidence waning as he whispered. “Say… are you by chance the main character here?”

Chen Xiaolian had to admit.

He had originally thought that his luck was so good it was practically on the brink of bursting out. Within the 72 Demons Instance Dungeon, he had fallen into dire straits quite a number of times. However, he would unexpectedly manage to escape with his life intact. In addition, he even managed to get a generous loot in the end.

If this world is a novel, Chen Xiaolian felt that he is certainly qualified to be the bearer of the main character’s aura.

But the problem was…

He had just met another newbie like him… this newbie actually did nothing. He snored his way through his sleep, not encountering any surprise or danger and finally completed the instance dungeon. He even got the instance dungeon’s reward?

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt that the good fortune from calamity that he had within the 72 Demons Instance Dungeon were but child’s play.

“What is your instance dungeon reward?” Chen Xiaolian did his best to suppress his emotions: grudge, jealousy and hatred.

“Err…” Xia Xiaolei pondered about it. “It is Enhanced Extrasensory Perception. It can be used permanently on the Personal System’s Radar. The original radius of detection for the radar is within 1 km. After binding the radar with the Enhanced Extrasensory Perception, the effective radius of detection is increased by tenfold.”

“In other words, the area that your radar covers is within a 10 km radius?” Chen Xiaolian could not help but sigh – that could encompass a small city!

During any battles, the most important part is to understand the enemy and find opportunities, by figuring out the geography of the area and seizing onto traces of the enemy… this ability that would allow one to cover a radius of 10 km with one’s radar simply had too many benefits!

“It is not just that,” Xia Xiaolei whispered. “Extrasensory Perception is not simply the ability to see the presence of others. It can also detect skills.”

“What do you mean?”

Chen Xiaolian was shocked!

To detect other people’s skill, the information obtained would be amazing!

Back in the 72 Demons Instance Dungeon, the veteran Players, Sara and Damon were able to check out the attributes of others. However, they were unable to identify what skills others have!

In other words, skill is the most powerful weapon that any Player of Awakened could possess!

However… Xia Xiaolei continued…

“Do not misunderstand me, I am unable to view what kind of skills others have. All I can do is observe the radar. If someone uses a skill when engaged in a battle, I will be able to sense it. I will know that someone is using a skill… additionally, the radar will indicate the level of the skill used. I am however, incapable of knowing what abilities that skill could have.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head, his face showing a little relief.

In other words, Xia Xiaolei could observe the traces of any skills used. Additionally, the system will help him identify the level of the skill.

However, other relevant information regarding the skill would remain undisclosed.

That is more like it. Otherwise, this skill of Xia Xiaolei would be an excessive defiance of Heaven.

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