OEM Chapter 026 Five Types of Herbs

Chapter 026 Five Type of Herbs

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OEM Chapter 025 Operation

Chapter 025 Operation


The Xuan Beasts’ body of the Third level and above will automatically form a special crystal. This crystal is known as ‘Xuan Core’. The Seventh level Xuan Beasts special ability involves the ability to absorb the condensed Xuan energies from other life forms. This ability would increase their rate of growth! Continue reading

OEM Chapter 023 Tang Family’s Reaction

Chapter 023 Tang Family’s Reaction

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Jun Xie deduced with clarity, that should today’s plans end with success, then both himself and Tang Yuan would fall into the palm of the enemy! The Tang Family may not suffer that much, since they still have other successors for the family. However, the Jun Family only has him as the only successor. Continue reading

OEM Chapter 021 Returning Victoriously

Chapter 021 Returning Victoriously

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Dugu Xiaoyi was walking behind Jun Xie, her eyes staring with great interest at the huge package carried by the bodyguard. Originally, she had thought that her earnings today were quite generous. But then, Jun Xie had suddenly won so many precious treasures in that last game. Many amongst these items were the type that could not be valued using money…

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