GOA Chapter 43: KO

GOA Chapter 43: KO

“Are you done throwing a ruckus? How long do you intend to hold onto me?”

Chen Xiaolian lowered his head to look at Qiao Qiao’s hand, which was tightly gripping onto his leg. Chen Xiaolian’s face was solemn as he said. “They are not the type of people that you can handle, yet you insist on coming…”

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GOA Chapter 42: The Wrong Person?

GOA Chapter 42: The Wrong Person?

After receiving a kick, Chen Xiaolian fell down the roof of the train and his body slid down to the side. With both his hands tightly gripping onto the side of the train’s roof, Chen Xiaolian watched as the longhaired man smiled derisively. Then, the longhaired man slammed down his foot.

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GOA Chapter 39: Train Crisis

GOA Chapter 39: Train Crisis

As Qiao Qiao drove, she turned on some music while occasionally glancing at Soo Soo who was sitting beside her.

Soo Soo was seated on the passenger seat; she wore a pair of bunny-shaped earphones on her head while she looked outside the windows with a pair of blank eyes. Together with her pleasantly small pinkish face, her appearance was one that exuded a sympathy-inducing aura.

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