GOA Chapter 45: Split Personality

GOA Chapter 45: Split Personality

Chen Xiaolian moved to hold onto Soo Soo with both hands, but Queen Qiao had already crawled over. She embraced Soo Soo into her bosom. Chen Xiaolian could observe that Queen Qiao’s face was not looking well, and her face was becoming increasingly dispirited.

After pondering upon it, he then produced two Mid Class Healing Type Beast Blood. He gave one to Queen Qiao. “Swallow it, it heals wounds.”

Qiao Qiao accepted it; lowering her head, she inspected it and frowned. “This… is this also a special medicine that you people with super abilities use?”

After saying that, she swallowed it.

Chen Xiaolian proceeded to swallow his own Healing Beast Blood. He then leaned on the ground and smiled bitterly. “You little sister seems a little…”

Qiao Qiao forced herself to sit up with Soo Soo still within her embrace. She stared seriously at Chen Xiaolian. “Right now we should have the time for a proper conversation.”


Chen Xiaolian pondered for a moment. “Very well. It would indeed be better if we are to clear up some matters.”

“You first. How did you get to know my little sister? Also, what was that flaming phoenix that Soo Soo created earlier?”

Chen Xiaolian thought for a moment before he began narrating. “Just a few days ago, we were on the same plane…”

Tens of minutes later, Chen Xiaolian finished his story. Both of them remained silent.

Qiao Qiao did her best to assimilate Chen Xiaolian’s words. After that, she raised her head to look at Chen Xiaolian. “So… what you are saying is that there will be many powerful people ‘invading’ our world? Also, our world is simply an adventurous battlefield to them? And, Soo Soo and you were both accidentally sucked into it? That is how Soo Soo managed to obtain these strange abilities?”

“Yes. That is why I wanted to look for Soo Soo. We have been through a lot together on that island. In addition, those horrifying encounters will not stop there. I… I only wanted to find her. It has definitely nothing to do with whatever perverted matters that you were thinking of,” Chen Xiaolian forced a smile.

As he spoke, he glanced at Qiao Qiao. “However, Soo Soo does not recognize me. Logically speaking, she should have been similar to me; she should not have any problems with her memory.”

Qiao Qiao’s face twitched slightly.

Her expression turned heavy and she exhaled deeply. “Soo Soo… she is a little different from normal people.”

Qiao Qiao gently caressed Soo Soo’s cheeks. She lowered her head to look at Soo Soo who was in deep sleep and her eyes revealed traces of rare tenderness.

“This difference, what is it?”

“Her… within her body, there are two different personalities,” Qiao Qiao bit her lips. “Simply put, she has a… split personality.”

Personality… split?

Chen Xiaolian pondered about it.

“She is the daughter of my father’s friend,” Qiao Qiao lightly explained. “I was pretty much acquainted with her since the day she was born. Her father is my father’s best friend and also a business partner. Due to how busy her father is, he will bring Soo Soo whenever possible and ask us to help care for her.

We have been very intimate with one another since young and have always regarded each other as a close sister.

Originally, Soo Soo had been leading a normal life. However, her family met with an accident a few years back.

A huge fire broke out in her house and her parents were killed in the fire. Rescue workers were able to find Soo Soo in the house, thus allowing her to emerge alive from this calamity.

Soo Soo had to stay in the hospital’s ICU for a few days before regaining consciousness. After regaining consciousness, we realized that she seemed to have lost a portion of her memory. She was incapable of recalling what had happened that night when the fire broke out.

Out of friendship, my father adopted Soo Soo and took her into our home from overseas. Ever since then though, I began to realize that Soo Soo would occasionally behave in an odd manner.

She is incapable to experiencing intense forms of agitation. Once she encounters danger, horror or shock, she will… exhibit a strange transformation.”

“When you say strange transformation, you mean…”

“There were a few cases: The first was when she just arrived. She has a timid personality, as always. That was very natural considering the fact that she was only a little girl. Back then, she was only around 5 years old. There was a time when she was in the kindergarten. There, some males bullied her where some would even say that she is an orphan without either parents, or that she is a foreigner who does not understand our language. Truth was, Soo Soo understands our language. She only cannot speak in our language properly.

Such types of bullying are not easy to discover, even for adults. As for Soo Soo, she never talked about it.

Then one day, the kindergarten called and informed us that Soo Soo had caused trouble.

On that day, we found out that she did something terrifying.”

At this point, Qiao Qiao’s beautiful eyebrows entwined together and she continued slowly. “What happened back then started with the following: During play time, a boy who had always bullied her took advantage of the teacher’s inattention to put her in a small and dark room. He then threw the key away.”

Soo Soo was locked inside for over an hour. By the time the teacher realized and got her out, her throat had turned hoarse from crying. The teacher who rescued her comforted her. She then fell asleep due to over exhaustion.

According to the teacher though, Soo Soo woke up, took advantage of the teacher’s inattentiveness, and strolled out. She then found a pair of scissors from the teacher’s office.

She found the bed of the boy who bullied her – during that time, all the children were taking their afternoon nap.

Soo Soo used they boy’s socks and belt to tie him onto the bed before waking him up. Using the scissors, she then stabbed the boy’s leg until blood flowed, twice. The boy was scared to the point of insanity and shouted out hysterically. That caused all the children in the room to wake up and the teachers to come over.

They saw Soo Soo holding onto a pair of scissors, moving it back and forth, as it hovered before the boy’s neck. No matter how the teachers tried to persuade or intimidate her, she remained indifferent. She threatened the boy in front of the teachers. “If you dare to bully me again in the future, I will use this scissors to slice open your throat.”

En, that was what she said back then.

Later on, the teachers told us that they have never seen a small child with such a terrifyingly cold attitude. The calmness she displayed back then was simply not that of a little child. That boy’s legs were soaked with blood, but Soo Soo did not show any anxiety or fear – she is someone who would usually break into tears when facing the prospect of going for an injection!

What was most puzzling was what happened later. Soo Soo fainted, but when she woke up she had turned back into that soft and timid girl. In addition… she was oblivious to the fact that she had just used a pair of scissors to threaten the little boy.

The parents of that boy had originally wanted to pursue this matter, but my father stepped in to have it settled. Ever since then, Soo Soo never attended kindergarten anymore and was home-schooled.

The second case happened two years ago when I had brought her out to play. When we were in the amusement park, I left for roughly two minutes to buy her cotton candy. But when I returned, I found that she had gone missing.

I became frantic and searched for her everywhere. I also reported it to the police. One hour later, the police found Soo Soo outside a toilet in the playground… and a wounded man.

The truth of what happened that day was that after I had left, someone who specializes in child trafficking set his sights on Soo Soo. Taking advantage of my absence, he forcibly abducted her.

However, when the police found them, the trafficker was lying on the ground. He groaned about in pain with Soo Soo by his side – she did not even cry. According to the police, they felt that there was something strange with her. Most little children would be scared senseless in such a situation, but Soo Soo showed no hint of panic or fear. In addition… there was blood on her hands. When she saw that the police had arrived, she calmly informed the police that the man on the ground had tried to abduct her.

After the hearing, we formed a rough estimate of what happened: Fearing that she would resist, the trafficker knocked her unconscious. Unexpectedly, Soo Soo had inexplicably woken up in the middle of it all.

Then… she did something that caused a chill to run down everyone’s spine.

She snapped her own thumb, enduring that intense pain in order to break free from the restraints on her wrist.

She then removed two hairpins from her head. Gripping one tightly in each hand, she remained in the same place, not attempting to move or run. When the trafficker returned, he went to check if she had regained consciousness. When that happened, Soo Soo suddenly used the iron needle of the hairpin to… stab the trafficker in both his eyes!

All these information was obtained when the police were interrogating the trafficker.

As for Soo Soo… she fell asleep. When she woke up, she could no longer recall anything. All she could remember was me leaving to buy cotton candy for her. As for what happened next, how she was abducted, how she freed herself, how she stabbed the trafficker’s eyes… she could no longer recall any of them.”


[TL: Personal note, I am suddenly reminded of a Kdrama.]

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    • Her memory got reset like the flight attendant, she probably isn’t recognize as a player but she has a split personality. this is my assumption the one to use the metal ball from the dead guy is the split personality and not the kind Soo Soo.. so the psycho personality can remember and is probably treated as a player while the ordinary soo soo is an NPC and can’t remember him..


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