GOA Chapter 43: KO

GOA Chapter 43: KO

“Are you done throwing a ruckus? How long do you intend to hold onto me?”

Chen Xiaolian lowered his head to look at Qiao Qiao’s hand, which was tightly gripping onto his leg. Chen Xiaolian’s face was solemn as he said. “They are not the type of people that you can handle, yet you insist on coming…”

“That is my little sister!” Qiao Qiao bit down hard on her lips and stared at Chen Xiaolian. “No matter what, I must protect her! If this were to happen to you, if your loved ones were to be bullied, would you consider whether you have the ability to beat the opponent before you choose to step up?”

“…” Chen Xiaolian sighed and nodded his head. “Very well. Your words make sense… however, can you let go off my clothes now.”

Qiao Qiao glared at Chen Xiaolian. “I dare not let go. Because… it seems that, those people and you are the same, beyond ordinary. Back when you were fighting one another on the train, were you using super powers?”

“… You can assume it to be that.”

“Then, do you know them? I heard the longhaired bastard calling you a rookie. It seems that you are of the same type… Since that is the case, now that they have escaped, I must closely follow you. That is the only way for me to find my little sister.”

“… I really do not know those people. They came to kidnap your sister while I have been trying to help you,” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly.

“However, my intuition tells me that only by following you would I be able to find them. As I said, you and they seemed to be of the same kind.”

Chen Xiaolian knew that this was not something that could be explained with just a few words. He simply turned his head to face another direction. “Let us go! They are going that way.”

“How do you know that?”

“As you said, we are of the same kind.”

Chen Xiaolian curled his lips.

Within the radar interface of the system, the green dots were clearly moving fast in that direction.

Chen Xiaolian recalled that within the radar display of the system, a red dot would signify a monster; a yellow dot would signify NPC and a green dot would represent a Player or an Awakened. It also represents himself, a system irregularity.

The two of them quickly advanced towards the direction shown by the radar display. They were currently in a suburban village with large tracts of farmlands. However, due to the fact that winter just concluded, and that spring has yet to begin, the lands were desolate and bare.

Chen Xiaolian ran at full speed, however Qiao Qiao was unable to keep up in just a matter of moments – this queen who was bursting with fury had suffered from an injury to her ankle. Although she tried her best to endure, her speed gradually fell.

In his heart, Chen Xiaolian was secretly feeling anxious. The one matter that kept him relieved was that according to the radar, the other party’s speed was not too fast. It appeared that they were in no hurry to escape.

The both of them ran across a farmland’s irrigation ditch and saw a tile-roofed building. A bicycle was resting upon it walls; even though it was already rusty, it seemed to be useable.

Chen Xiaolian quickly went over to check it out. “It is useable!” After considering the circumstances, he retrieved his wallet and placed down his last two red-coloured bills onto the ground where the bicycle was originally placed. [1] He then picked up a stone and placed it on them as paperweight.

“You are quite considerate,” Qiao Qiao’s eyes narrowed at the sight.

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything. He got on the bicycle and patted on the back seat. “Quick, get up!”

Chen Xiaolian put all his might into the pedals, cycling at an incredible speed.

His B Class Physique and Endurance were put to play and the distance between the two sides on the radar display was rapidly closing up.

As the distance between the two sides was reduced to about less than 500 metres, the four green dots of the other side suddenly stopped down in a certain area.

Chen Xiaolian abruptly stopped the bicycle.

“Why did you stop chasing?” Qiao Qiao asked impatiently.

“First, let us discuss our strategy,” Chen Xiaolian got off the bicycle and put it on the side of the street.

Chen Xiaolian returned Qiao Qiao’s gaze and said in a deep voice. “That longhaired man is very strong. I am not his match. In addition… he have another partner. I feel that his partner’s strength is also no less powerful. Considering our current state, I fear that even if we manage to chase up to them…”

“Even if we cannot beat them, we should still fight it out,” Qiao Qiao looked at Chen Xiaolian and quickly continued. “I know that I have no right to ask for your help. You have already given us so much assistance back on train, protecting Soo Soo. I do not know the reason as to why you are doing all this. But still… Chen Xiaolian, I thank you!”

Qiao Qiao took a deep breath while maintaining a resolute expression. “When we chase up to them, you focus on finding a way to rescue them, then… I will stay behind and stop them! I will buy you enough time to get away. Even if I were to die, I will certainly hold them!”

“… you really do not care about your own life,” Chen Xiaolian let out a strained smile. “Let us not even talk about how you do not have enough strength. Even if… did you not consider the fact that you are a young girl? For a young girl to end up in the hands of two bandits… are you not afraid about what would happen to you?”

“She is my sister, even if I have to put my life on the line, I must still save her!”

Chen Xiaolian squinted, then he turned to look in another direction – the other party remained immobile, staying still in that same spot.

Could it be… are they deliberately waiting for us to catch up?

That seemed likely. After all, they have a higher level of strength and have nothing to fear. Perhaps they remained with the intention of finishing us all off.

Chen Xiaolian sighed and hesitated for a moment. He then extended a fist before Qiao Qiao and slowly unfolded his palm.

Lying upon his palm was a small and unique looking syringe.

“This is?”

“Genetic Enhancement Serum. I will say this first, I do not know if there will be any side effects to using this. However…” Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile. “After using this, perhaps you will be able to become stronger. You seem to be very proficient in terms of fighting techniques; if this serum works on you, then… perhaps you will become a force to be reckoned with.”

Chen Xiaolian paused before continuing in a low tone. “However, I really do not know if this item would bring about any side effects… because you are an ordinary person… you are not an Awakened or a Player…”

Before he could even finish, Qiao Qiao had already snatched away the syringe and showed no hesitation as she pierced it onto her shoulder!

A few seconds later…

“How do you feel?”

Qiao Qiao inhaled deeply. “I don’t feel anything… but…”

She took two steps back. Then, without any indication whatsoever, she suddenly delivered a kick. As the toes of her leg were seemingly about to land on Chen Xiaolian’s face, a strong breeze blasted Chen Xiaolian in the face. He then subconsciously retreated one step backwards.

“It seemed… this sense of strength does not feel the same as it used to,” Qiao Qiao’s eyes flickered and she turned to look at Chen Xiaolian. “The reason why you have such a strong strength is because of this item? Oh, right! Your wounds! I had clearly seen a bloody wound on your shoulder earlier. But now, that wound… why is it not bleeding anymore?”

“There is no time to explain in detail.” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. “When we chase up to them, act accordingly. If there is an opportunity, go save them and take them away. Don’t just think about fighting… I will stay at the rear to slow them down.”

“You… that is too dangerous!” Traces of emotions and gratitude could be seen in Qiao Qiao’s eyes.

“I have a final life-saving trick,” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “I really do not want to use it unless as a last resort.”

“Are we really not going to leave?”

The longhaired man leaned upon a tree and glanced at the trench coat wearing middle-aged man. “Are we waiting for them here? Do we finish them off?”

“I hate being followed,” The trench coat wearing middle-aged man gave a “heng”.

“Why not get rid of them back when we were in the train?”

“Idiot! Your actions in the train were too big! With that level of action, it would be easy for us to be discovered. How will the consequences of your actions get cleared away? If it ends up affecting the setting of this world, the Development Team will definitely find out about it.”

“So, you lured them here?”

“There will be no one to bear witness here,” The trench coat wearing middle-aged man coldly replied. “Kill them. I do not care which organization that rookie is from. Since he dares to disrupt our task, then he is an enemy. Killing him can also be considered as a lesson for that rookie’s organization.”

As he spoke, the trench coat wearing middle-aged man suddenly frowned. He lowered his head and cast a glance at Soo Soo who was seated on the ground. She had her eyes covered as she cried non-stop.

“Annoying. I hate children of this age the most,” The trench coat wearing middle-aged man gritted his teeth. “If she keeps crying, then just knock her unconscious.”

“Don’t do that. You really have no clue how to appreciate beauty,” The longhaired man smiled and walked to Soo Soo’s side. He extended his hand to rub her hair. “She is such a beautiful and adorable little loli. You would actually have the heart to strike her?”

With his hand upon Soo Soo’s head, Soo Soo became scared and her body trembled persistently.

“I meant what I said, knock her unconscious. If you won’t do it, then I will,” The trench coat wearing middle-aged man coldly replied.

“All right, all right. As long as you are happy,” The longhaired man’s fingers slipped down upon the back of Soo Soo’s neck. With a light tap, Soo Soo was rendered unconscious.

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man smiled contemptuously. “They are here!”

Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao slowly came over from beyond a fruit tree.

In his hands, Chen Xiaolian was holding onto the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword.

“Hahaha! You truly are a naïve and idiotic rookie,” The longhaired man looked at Chen Xiaolian. “You actually brought an ordinary person with you as you chased us. This little girl’s skill is indeed good. Unfortunately, she is just an ordinary person.”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man scowled and moved to face Chen Xiaolian. As the distance between the two sides decreased to only 10 steps, they stopped.

“Just which organization are you from, rookie?” The trench coat wearing middle-aged man arrogantly produced a box of cigarettes and lit one up. He then looked at Chen Xiaolian. “Do you smoke?”

Chen Xiaolian slowly shook his head. His eyes were focused on the trench coat wearing middle-aged man – clearly, this fellow has a higher position compared to the longhaired man.

“You are not willing to speak out the name of your organization? Then, could you tell us your name?’ The middle-aged man frowned and inhaled deeply with the cigarette before slowly puffing the smoke out. “I do not mean anything by it. It is just that it has been a long time since I have met such a ballsy rookie. You actually dared to chase after two veteran Awakened ones. Could it be that your organization never taught you that in such circumstances, you need to protect your own safety first?”

“My name is Chen Xiaolian,” Chen Xiaolian stared at middle-aged man’s fingers that were holding onto the cigarette. He then turned his gaze towards Soo Soo who was on the ground and the unconscious Han Bi on the side. “These two are my friends; I cannot allow you to take them away.”

“Friends? What a complicated matter this is,” The trench coat wearing middle-aged man pondered. “We cannot give you this male. As for the little girl, I have no interest in her. If you can win against my partner, then you can take the little girl with you. However, if you cannot … then you will have to die here.”

“Oh? If we win against him, we can take the little girl away?” Chen Xiaolian pointed to the longhaired man. He then asked the trench coat wearing middle-aged man again. “You will not interfere?”

“My target is this male boy. As for that little girl, she is too noisy. If you have what it takes to take her away, I will instead be happy,” The middle-aged man took another puff on the cigarette and narrowed his eyes as he looked at Chen Xiaolian. “What do you say?”

“I will do it! I will save my little sister!”

Qiao Qiao took a step forward.


The longhaired man looked at Qiao Qiao and suddenly laughed out. “I say, little girl. You should just forget about it. Even though you are very spicy and your skills are very good… unfortunately, you are an ordinary person. Your strength is too lacking. Could it be you do not understand this logic? In face of absolute power, all your skills and techniques are pointless. I do admire your fighting skills, but with your strength… all you can do is bully the ordinary people.”

“Strength you say? I feel like trying it out,” Qiao Qiao gritted her teeth heavily and slowly took two steps forward. “Enough nonsense, we will continue after the fight! If I win, I want to take my little sister away!”

“Haha! Very well, I will make you give up then,” The longhaired man laughed. “I like stubborn girls like you… soon, I will knock out all your teeth!”

The longhaired man flexed his wrist and smiled derisively. “Come, I will let you make your move first. You have a pair of beautiful legs, kick them out again for me to admire.”

“You want to see them? Good! I will… kick it for you to see!”

Just as Qiao Qiao uttered the word “I”, her body had already taken a step forward in a dash!

Under the strengthening effect of the Genetic Enhancement Serum, Qiao Qiao’s Physique had been elevated to that of B Class!

With the B Class strength and speed, Qiao Qiao’s action this time around became completely different for the longhaired man!

Seeing that the distance between them had been reduced to a mere few steps, the longhaired man reacted only to see a kick flying towards his chest!

By the time Qiao Qiao said the word “kick”…


A muffled bang resounded out!

The longhaired man’s body received the kick and was forced to stagger backwards!

The sudden change in the strength behind Qiao Qiao’s attacks was beyond the longhaired man’s calculations!

As he was retreating after being caught off guard by the kick, Qiao Qiao had already rushed in close to him!

Queen Qiao leapt upwards, her right knee bent as she soared. A knee strike hit the longhaired man’s lower abdomen!

At that very moment, Qiao Qiao finished uttering the word “see”!

Despite having the protection of the purple protective suit, the powerful impact induced an unbearable pain for the longhaired man! As a result of the pain, his body bent down.

Qiao Qiao grabbed hold of the longhaired man’s hair, as though she was going to perform a hug. Then, her right hand savagely thrust his head down as her left knee rose up fiercely!


Yet another knee strike!

This time, the knee struck the longhaired man in the face! He let out a miserable scream as his nose begun to madly bleed out! His mouth was filled with blood as his body fell down on his haunches!

From the moment she let loose her flying kick and then followed up with the two knee strikes, Qiao Qiao have now successively displayed her fighting techniques! Even then, she did not stop. Her body charged forward again and her left hand hooked onto the longhaired man’s shoulder. Her right fist then continuously bombarded the longhaired man’s ribs!

With her B Class strength, those punches were no different from thunderbolts, each creating a pounding and reverberating sound! The longhaired man’s ribs suffered from intense pain and he struggled with all he had to free himself of Qiao Qiao. Qiao Qiao released her hold and took one step backwards, her right leg lifted up high into the air!

An axe kick!

With her toes over her head, the foot arced down in a chopping motion! Her heel directly hacked down onto the longhaired man’s head!


The longhaired man fell face first onto the ground, his face slamming onto the ground!

… Flying kick, knee strike, punch to the ribs and a final axe kick!

The longhaired man never got the chance to resist or counter and was beaten senseless by Queen Qiao’s tempestuous attacks!

After receiving one round of her attacks, this ruthless character who had been showing off his overbearing attitude back in the train was now face planted down the dusty ground.

He raised his head, blood spraying out from his mouth and several broken teeth were vomited out…

Qiao Qiao had already finished brushing her hands by then as she coldly asked. “Who did you say was going to knock out whose teeth?”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man was dumbfounded by the spectacle, the half-burnt cigarette in his hand fell down to the ground.

Chen Xiaolian’s mind lurched: I… It seems I may have awakened a terrifying mother Tyrannosaurus Rex…


[1 Red coloured yuan bill generally denotes the 100 yuan bank bill, the biggest one to date.]

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