GOA Character Stats

Chen Xiaolian

Chapter 6 38
Physique C B
Endurance D B
Agility B B
Energy Points Zero Zero
Comprehensive Melee Ability C B
Comprehensive Ranged Ability Zero Zero


Physique is combination of strength and cell regenerative capacity.

Endurance is the combination of stamina and capacity to withstand damaging attacks.

Agility is the combination of nerve and muscle reaction speed.

Energy Points is the ability to discharge energy from the body.


Garfield (Four-Eyed War Cat)

Chapter 8
Physique B
Endurance C
Agility C+
Energy Points C-
Comprehensive Melee Ability B-
Comprehensive Ranged Ability ???
Growth Capacity B

Combat Skills:

  • Tiger Rush (Melee Skill, B Class)
  • Cat’s Roar (Ranged Skill, C- Class)
  • Adorable Flash (Are you sure this is a skill?)

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