GOA Chapter 6: Activation? What Is This?

GOA Chapter 6: Activation? What Is This?

[Personal Setting]

The screen flashed.

Physique: D+

Endurance: D

Agility: C

Energy Points: Zero

Comprehensive Melee Ability: C-

Comprehensive Ranged Ability: Zero

… (This is human setting??)

Chen Xiaolian’s mind was at a loss. He was suddenly visited by an immense sense of absurdity.

This is a game? A game?? A son of a bitch game?!

Having written numerous web novels and read numerous other web novels of various genres, the well-known Great God [1] novelist Chen Xiaolian immediately grasped onto the key factors.

Game? Transmigration? Infinite elements genre? Or another world?

[Activating coordinates radar] … En? What is this?

Chen Xiaolian tapped it open; subsequently, a hexagonal frame appeared upon the screen.

In the central location of the frame was a flashing green dot.

Beside it were two yellow dots.

Chen Xiaolian considered it for a moment… En, the green dot should be me while the yellow dots would represent the two females…


There is also a red dot flashing non-stop. It seemed to be constantly moving?

Its speed is so fast!

At the same time, he heard a loud roar emitted from far away.

Chen Xiaolian’s mind lit up: The monster!

Wait… wait…

I am a little confused! I am a little confused!

I need to think about it in detail! Think…

Chen Xiaolian who was feeling muddled sat down.

The Korean loli sat up, running forward unsteadily. She produced a bottle of mineral water from who knows where, then unscrewed it with a great deal of exertion before handing it to Chen Xiaolian.

“… Thank you.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “What is your name?”

“Oppa, you actually know how to speak Korean!”

The little girl seemed very surprised.

“Err…” Chen Xiaolian was at a loss at how to explain it to her.

“My name is Kwan Ran Soo,” The little girl raised her head and said with a clear and tender voice. “Oppa, you can call me Soo Soo, my unnie always calls me that.”

“Soo Soo…” Chen Xiaolian smiled and pointed to himself. “I am Chen Xiao Lian.”

“Xiao Lan oppa.”

“It is Xiao Lian…”

“Xiong Lian oppa…”  练脸

“Xiao Lian (练) !!”

“Xiao Lian (脸) oppa…” [2]

“… Nevermind,” Chen Xiaolian gave up on this pointless conversation.

“Oppa, I am scared… where exactly are we? What is this place? And that thing, is it very, very bad?”

That thing… Chen Xiaolian helplessly clutched his head and pondered about the matter. “It is all right, this place is very safe.”

As a small child, there was a sense of trust and dependence towards elders in her. Hearing those words, a glimmer of comfort flashed through Soo Soo’s eyes. She then found a comfortable place that was close to Chen Xiaolian and leaned down onto the seat.

Takashimoto Shizuka stared blankly at the two of them.

The smooth communication between the two of them, in addition to the fluency of Korean words from the youngster’s mouth…

He actually knows Korean?

“Excuse me, you, you two?”

Shizuka could not resist opening her mouth.

“Err…” As expected, Chen Xiaolian found that he could understand the Japanese sentence.

“Please hold on for a while,” Chen Xiaolian waved his hand in a rather tired manner. “There seems to be some matters here, I need some tranquillity.”

“You can speak Japanese?”

“Hey, if we keep up with this pointless conversation, the readers will think the author is putting in filler words…”

Chen Xiaolian remained silent for over half an hour. After which, he got up and went to the entrance of the aircraft cabin and observed the area outside for a long time.

Roars from the monster could frequently be heard from deep inside the woods. Judging by the roars, he estimated the monster’s position and compared it with the red dot on the ‘radar’.

Chen Xiaolian was then able to confirm his speculation.

The red dot represents the monster.

Game? Setting?

Considering his identity as a writer, he had never experienced such a bizarre encounter… however, he had written about it before in his fantasy novels! Even if he had not written about it, he had still read about it!

Considering that, his mental fortitude and ability to accept his current situation should at least be higher compared to the normal person.

If this is a game set… firstly, ignore why something so absurd could happen. Solving the current problem takes precedence.

Game… If that is the case, there must be a quest!

Chen Xiaolian searched and found a frame titled [Instance Dungeon Quest] on the interface…

Open! Open it immediately!

Beginner’s Quest One: Kill or capture one War Beast, obtain the qualifications to enter Instance Dungeon.

Prompt, a known War Beast: ?

There is a question mark, open!

Instantly, a smaller picture of the earlier monster appeared in his sight.

Four-Eyed War Cat: B Class War Beast. Melee Type. Growth Quality: ???

Four-Eyed War Cat?

Chen Xiaolian’s face broke into a sardonic face [3] as he could not help but curse inwardly: Why not a Six-Eyed Flying Fish!

If this is a game… then the designer must be a real bastard!

The quest turned out to be that powerful monster.

But I… How am I supposed to fight it? A blow from its paws alone was enough to bring a tree down!

Considering my small physique…


Chen Xiaolian who had experience playing numerous games immediately noticed something.


There should be equipment for beginners, right?

If this is a game, then they would never design a quest that had no possibility of being completed. That would only get the players killed!

There must be some other items that he had yet to discover!

After repeatedly checking several interfaces, including the Personal Settings, Chen Xiaolian exclaimed!

He jumped up from the floor.

Beginner’s Equipment Kit!!

Haha! I was looking for you!


After opening it, he found a… steel orb?

Feeling a cold sensation in his hands, he lowered his head and saw that the steel orb had appeared upon his palms.



The steel orb suddenly transformed. This is…

A sword!

A “zi zi” sound similar to that of electric currents rang out. The steel orb within his hand had transformed into a metal handle, protruding from the handle was a beam of light…

At this moment in time, several words flashed through Chen Xiaolian’s mind:

Star Wars? Light sabre? Jedi Knight? The Force?

He did not even have the time to bother with the two stunned females behind him.

Chen Xiaolian tried waving this sword.


The passenger seat beside him was directly cut into two! The cut was done in a neat manner and had left only a scorching smell!

“It is so sharp!”

Chen Xiaolian then had a sense of fear… Would I end up hurting myself?

[Beginner Strengthening Package]?


One hundred points?

Under the Personal Settings interface, a ‘+’ sign appeared at the end of his personal attribute values.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the interface and pondered for a moment before making his decision.

What late stage growth… now is not the time for that kind of thoughts!

Let us not even talk about what instance dungeons or quests.

There is a monster wandering outside. What is imperative right now is to get rid of it; only then would we have the chance to escape!

Escape this place with our lives!

In that case, add them all into melee!

Endurancel! Physique! Agility!

Chen Xiaolian temporarily left Endurance alone. The hundred points were fairly split between Physique and Agility.

Soon, the points were all spent…

His Physique rose directly from D to C, his Agility rose from C to B.

I do not appear to be feeling any different? Is there nothing akin to a burning feeling or a skill empowerment feeling?

Chen Xiaolian tried extending his hands out, and punched out against the wall of the aircraft cabin …


The aircraft cabin wall, made of complex materials was suddenly left with a deep imprint of a fist! A deep dent was left!


Chen Xiaolian became excited!

He touched his fists… no pain! He truly did not feel any pain!

A state of mind developed after many years of writing novels kicked into action.

Chen Xiaolian did not impulsively take out the sword and go look for the monster for PK [4] – what would happen if he died? Who knows if this ‘game’ have any resurrection mechanism?

Perhaps… there would only be one chance?

Regardless, he would not take such a risk with his own life.

He sat down near the aircraft cabin’s entrance and considered for a very long time…

Observing that the sun was slowly setting down, Chen Xiaolian decided that he could not wait any longer!

He began to get busy.

The two females watched in shock as Chen Xiaolian started dismantling the passenger seats within the plane.

One by one… he had suddenly transformed into a mighty person as some of the heavy seats that were linked together were ripped apart by him!

This scene that happened all of a sudden, caused the two females to become terrified. While Soo Soo was still able to maintain herself, Takashimoto Shizuka shrunk away in fear, regretting the fact that she does not have the ability to shrink herself into a corner – the youngster had suddenly become dangerous.

Chen Xiaolian did not give any explanation. He simply dragged the seats one after another and threw them into the open space outside the plane.

He carefully set up his own ‘battlefield’.

The monster’s strength is very strong. In addition, it also boasts a high degree of agility… by creating some obstacles, he could limit the strength of the monster and allow him to bring his strength into play.

Hearing a roar coming out from the outside forest, Chen Xiaolian ensured that he had done everything he could in his preparations.

Standing upon the entrance to the aircraft cabin, Chen Xiaolian turned around. Seeing the two females situated upon the corners, he walked over.

“You two, stay here. Do not ever come out… No matter what, do not come out!”

Looking at Soo Soo, the little loli, Chen Xiaolian checked his pockets and found a piece of chocolate. He crammed it into her hands and rubbed her lovely mushroom like hair.

“Be good, wait for me here, I will bring you home!”

Gripping tightly onto the ‘sword’ in his hand, Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth and strode out of the aircraft cabin.

At his back, Soo Soo tightly gripped onto the chocolate as she stared with her big round eyes at Chen Xiaolian’s back.



[The name Kwan Ran Soo was translated from ‘全仁秀’. Pinyin: ‘quán rén xiù’.

Something else to note, Physique is the combination of strength and regenerative ability while Endurance is stamina and the ability to take hits. The author only explains this later on.]

[1 Once again, Great God is a title given to accomplished web writers in Qidian.]

[2   ‘练’ pronounced ‘liàn’ means ‘train’; while‘脸’ pronounced ‘liǎn’ means ‘face’. They have a slightly different pronunciation.]

[3 The word here is actually ‘吐槽’ which directly translates into ‘puking groove’. It is used to signify a face that someone makes to show ridicule at something they heard or saw. Their face could contain doubt or other emotions.]

[4 The author did actually wrote PK. It means Player Killing.]

Here is an example of ‘吐槽’ face.


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  1. “Hey, if we keep up with this pointless conversation, the readers will think the author is putting in filler words…”


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  2. thanks for chap it’s getting interesting it’s taking place in earth right ? and is the scenario similar to god and devil world? or something near to that?


    • To be fair one is only like 10 and knows even less about whats going on then tbe other two. the other one just got through a plane crash, almost got mauled by a giant cat, saw swords popping out of thin air, then saw a man rip likely bolted down chairs up with ease. None of this is normal every day stuff. Being a bit shell shocked is understandable

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  3. thanks for the chapter,
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  4. For someone who reads too much novels, he didn’t even try pushing the metallic sphere into the foreheads of his companions and thus have an increase chance of survivability.


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