Announcement V2

TLDR: Someone else is taking over Martial World. [Edit: The other side has since announced that they are dropping MW. However, I too had declared that I will no longer be working on MW.]

This is an edited version of my original announcement yesterday, which was done in a fit of rage, not my best moment, if I may add.

Not long after I started work on Martial World, I was contacted by Translationnations [TN]:

TN: “i’m translationnations and we were going to release our translated chapters of MW today actually (would have been earlier if it wasn’t for sickness). I don’t want to cause any issues would you email me at and I would love to see if we can work together.”

Next, I got in contact with TN and began discussing about MW. The discussion then turned heated due to miscommunications. Things got really ugly between the two of us…

Noting Pumpkin’s admirable ability in pumping 2 chapters a day, I eventually said that I would drop Martial World. However, I suggested that they post their 5 chapters which TN had said they have in the course of our conversation, a miscommunication, as they have now clarified. That way, I could put a link on my site to theirs and my readers would be able to continue reading MW. In hindsight, that was the biggest mistake on my part. I should have just asked for an announcement from them stating that they had picked up MW. But, my mind wasn’t working well at that point.

When I did not see those chapters after 12 hours, I really flipped out. Things escalated between us and after 24 hours went by since I suggested they post the chapters, I posted the rest of my translated chapters and the first announcement where I dragged TN down to the mud with me. There was no thoughtfulness or an attempt to be understanding, only pure rage. Again, not my finest moment.

After having slept away my rage, I reread my post and felt only sadness. The things I wrote in my post were nothing to be proud of and would likely only setback the translation community.

So, here I am, humbled. And here I humbly apologize to TN for all the things I wrote on the first announcement. And secondly, I apologize to the translation community for what I did.

I am sorry.


MW has since been picked by another translator:

Martial World


65 thoughts on “Announcement V2

  1. Respect! Seriously it’s awesome that you are a strong enough person to admit that you were in the wrong.
    I read the announcements from both sides previously and saw there were probably a few conclusions that were jumped to from all involved parties, us leechers included.
    I have no doubt this will help to clear the air between you and hopefully lead to a peaceful resolution, once again I have a huge amount of respect for you for being able to admit to your mistakes as its something I personally struggle to do.

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  2. I am sure pumpkin and others will understand, you should discuss with them again I think between the two of you…. you could make MW rock in terms of translation speed and the story is good and I am sure it will bring in a lot of readers for everyone’s benefit.

    Anyway I really hope you guys can work this out 🙂



  3. Shame – your translation rocks… Do you know who is taking it over and if possible could you post a link?

    Look forward to whatever you decide to translate next.


  4. I suggest you continue translating MW. You already took damage to your credibility when you dropped OEM, now that TN clearly stated that they will not be doing MW there shouldn’t be any more obstacle for you to continue translating MW. This drama wouldn’t matter in the long run…


  5. Hey, this is Phillip, the editor/TLC from TN.
    We were also kind of in a rage yesterday, so our judgements were probably also very muddled too.
    Honestly, it was probably more my fault than any of the others, since I was too busy to edit/TLC the MW chapters that we had, so only 1/5 of them were in a state to be released. Your translation is really good, so editors won’t be of much help there, but we do need to go over some revisions.
    And I posted a huge rant too in the comments of TN…hah, not one of my proudest moments either.
    Good luck on your next project, or if you’re planning on continuing this one!

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  6. Yeah, your original post was definitely not your finest moment. However, you did reflect on your actions and apologize. That doesn’t make it OK, but it is a step in the right direction. In the future, keep this incident in mind, it will help you keep your cool and reach your objectives.

    I suggest waiting a few days for TN to decide their next move. If they really do drop it, pick it up. You already took a hit for it.


  7. You kinda did nothing wrong… You asked for 5 chapters which they still didnt post. Furthermore they should have released a prologue or atleast a announcement. It went wrong on their end and ofcourse i can understand what you thought when they didnt release their 5 chapters.


  8. I really wanted to write something about how it takes a good person to apologise, but I couldn’t find a way to do it without it looking like there was some sort of blame to be had, and I don’t think that was the situation here. Instead I’ll just say that I think a lot have us have been in that situation at some point where one misunderstanding leads to another, and suddenly you get stuck in an argument with no idea how it started, but to come back to it with calm and clear eyes and break that vicious cycle, shows a maturity that both myself, and I hope most of your readers respect.

    Whatever you decide to do from now on, I hope you have a blast doing it, and I for one will be looking out for any new projects you decide to post.

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    • I want to echo reamaj79 message as well.

      I appreciate that, regardless of right or wrong, you made this step. I’ve found myself in a similar situation and it can be hard to break cycle.

      I wish you the best!


  9. I hope you continue to translate MW. I’m glad you have calmed down & decided to be the bigger (& better) person although I think it is TN who owes you an apology.

    After reading both sides of the story, I personally feel that the bottomline is YOU translated first. Regardless of their so-called intent, they have posted nothing, no chapters & more importantly, no announcement of their intent.

    As such, I have decided to no longer read any of their translations so if you give up MW, I would be forced to read the raws. I’m not a happy person when I have to read Chinese. So pretty please…keep translating MW.

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  10. A lot of things can be said in anger. One must really calm down, especially when they are posting things on the Internet, before they post something that they may regret.

    What’s done is done. Let bygone be bygones. Good job podao. I hope there is a similar apology for miscommunicating intentions from TN.


  11. So are we getting martial workd because its not fair wr have to kose out because someone stepped on your toes and now both translatora are gonna pout and throw a good novel in the trash


  12. at least the drama is over now, seems apologies have been said from the involved parties, so hopefully no lasting negativity will linger from this unfortunate event.
    Hope your next project will be as great a story as MW started, at least one new translator came from this.
    You’re still awesome at what you do here, so hope you don’t lose the drive


  13. Thanks for all the work you have put into the translation thus far and I hope that maybe one day you’ll pick up another project if you enjoyed translating MW. Don’t let other groups TL speeds get you down, as long as you’re consistent and keep readers updated on your status I don’t think anybody will mind it being slower. Hope you feel better soon!


  14. Oh, well. Both sides have admitted their mistakes, and I, as a leecher have also misinterpreted this. I guess I’ll simply remain optimistic about what we’ll see in the future.


  15. Well, at least the ending is not harming both side much. There is nothing to apologize about. Its a norm to rant, to vent. I dont say you are wrong to rant, because you translate first. Thank you for the 8chapters translated earlier leave us in a good moments reading, and you introduced OEM, i guess MTL doesn’t work anymore for me. Hope the next project you will have a blast.


  16. Thanks for your hard work in translating to begin with. I can only hope you continue translating some other great work, but no obligations. Good luck in whatever you decide to do ~


  17. Thank you for all your hard work. I’ll support you in whatever decision you decide to make ^-^ I have really enjoyed your translations and hope that you well be able to continue translating. If not MW then something else that interests you.

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  18. The most important and difficult thing after making a mistake is to say “I was wrong” and you did it, which proves how great of a person you are, I seriously thank you for all of your hard work and sincerely hope that you will continue your work with other projects.
    Those are the sincere words of someone who has been accompanying you blog since Chapter 18 of OEM.

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    • Hyorinmaru’s got it under wraps

      Martial World


    • I am already working on another novel actually. I originally wanted to start posting this week, but I ended up procrastinating…
      If nothing unexpected happens, chapter 1 will be up on Mon.
      Also, what does pepsi site means?

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  19. I know how you fucking feel…. I once swore to stab my teacher with knife because she marked my test 0 because she caught one of my classmate copying my answers while he didn’t get punished. I felt extremely wronged and for the rest of the day, i imagined so many ways to kill her. Now that i’ve think about it. I felt so sad about my self that time, i went too far with my thoughts.


  20. I read the original post a couple months or so ago after seeing it referenced on TN, and wrote it up as a momentary fit. Today I picked up the series after gravity started hosting it and ran into the post again. I have to say I’m really impressed by your honesty and maturity. Kudos for the first 8 chapter and even more for the care you showed in taking another flame-war and turning it into something that represents growth for how the community handles things.


  21. waaah, thanks for your hard work!
    hope we can see you again in another project, ne?:)
    your honesty is amazing, i think the author will be very happy how his work amazingly become the topic of heated discussion of the translators, hehe


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