OEM Jun Moxie

君 莫 邪 (Jūn mò xié)

So, as daredaki-sama pointed out in the comments, our MC’s new name is actually:

君 (Jūn) 莫 (mò) 邪 (xié) pronounced (mu-wo shi-eh).

The reason I have been hesitant to change it is because when you put莫 (mò) and 邪 (xié) together, it’s pronunciation should automatically become (mòyé), which means ancient sword. However, in Chapter 2, it was stated that the MC’s name meant do no evil.

莫 (mò) means “no”, 邪 (xié) means “evil”

So, I am concluding that the author intended for MC to be called Moxie(mu-wo shi-eh).

As such, I will be changing the name Moye into Moxie in the future and earlier chapters. Please accept my apology for this discrepancy and continue supporting the Evil Monarch.

Sorry Zoro


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