OEM Miscellaneous

Xuan Qi cultivation

  • First to Third level (Red)
  • Fourth to Sixth level (Purple)
  • Seventh to Ninth level (Black)
  • Silver level (Silver)
  • Gold level (Gold)
  • Jade level (Green)
  • Earth Xuan rank (Yellow)
  • Sky Xuan rank (Blue)
  • Supreme Divine Xuan rank (Colourless)


Jun Family

  • Jun Zhantian (Grandpa, Grand Duke of Tianxiang Kingdom)
  • Jun Wuhui (Father, died on the battlefield)
  • Dongfang Wenxin (Mother, also gone)
  • Jun Wumeng (Uncle, died on the battlefield)
  • Jun Wuyi (Third Uncle, paralyzed from waist down in a war against Yutang Kingdom)
  • Jun Moyou (Elder bro, died on battlefield in a war against Shenci Kingdom)
  • Jun Mochou (Elder bro, died on the same battlefield as Moyou)
  • Guan Qinghan (Moyou’s waifu from the Southern Guan Family)
  • Old Pang, Pang Lie (Housekeeper)
  • Little Ke (Lolita maid)

5 thoughts on “OEM Miscellaneous

  1. thanks!
    oh, are you not going to put jun moye and jun xie?
    also, is thisony for the jun family, or are you going to put all other characters too? i’m curious—-!


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